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FAQ - Product Protection Plan

What is a Product Protection Plan?
Why do I need to buy a Product Protection Plan?
Why do I need to buy a Product Protection Plan offered only by India Warranty?
Can’t I get this type of Product Protection Plan from the manufacturer of the product?
Is Product Protection Plan same as Insurance?
What products India Warranty offers Product Protection Plans on?
How long after my product purchase date can I purchase a Product Protection Plan from India Warranty?
What should I do if my product fails?
When should I file a claim?
How do I file a claim?
Where my product be repaired?
What does the In-Home Repair Service include?
What happens once my product is repaired?
What happens if my product cannot be repaired?
What are the top five reasons a claim is denied?
Is the Product Protection Plan transferable and renewable?
What if my product fails while I am overseas with my product?
Is India Warranty a socially responsible corporation?
Where do I purchase a Product Protection Plan?
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